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Re: PROPOSAL: [email protected]? (was: rand-test)

>I am inclined to agree with Perry in as much as the volume of posts to
>the cypherpunks list is greatly increased by reposts of news from
>other mailing lists, USENET newsgroups, WWW sources, newspapers, TV
>programs, films, books, talks, etc.  While some of the information
>posted is interesting, and relevant, some others are less relevant,
>bordering on noise.
>The proposal: a separate list for current-event reports/news/reposts.

1.  Creating a separate list, IMHO, will not stop cross-posts to the list.
People will merely add one more list to their "cc" line.

2.  More importantly, I am troubled with the "this is OUR list" attitude
that some people have expressed.  Yes, it is a pain when their are
cross-posts that are completely off-topic but, as Adam correctly points out,
some are interesting and relevant.
    One of the tenets proposed by those on this list is free speech.  Most
of us are on more than one list, so I'm assuming that most of us receive
100+ messages a day.  It is irritating to read something that's been crossed
to c|punks that has nothing to do with this list.  However, it only takes a
few seconds to arrive at that conclusion and trash the post.
    The "they are targeting this list" borders almost on paranoia.  While
some paranoia is healthy :) - it should not lead to the cry to ban posts
that have been *deemed* to be inappropriate.
    I find it interesting that those who express that the net should be a
community where expression is to be encouraged and defended - until the time
arrives when such "unsolicited/unwanted/offensive/irrelevant" expression
knocks on one's front door.

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