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Re: Java & Netscape security [NOISE]

[email protected] (Dr. Frederick B. Cohen) writes:
> This is not correct, at least according to legal precident.  If someone who
> is from Sun representes themselves as being from Sun (i.e., a Sun.Com email
> address in their signature line), then when they speak (or email) about Sun,
> its products, its policies, etc., they represent Sun.

Yes. On the positite side, the readers are likely to take more seriously
someone who's known to work for the company whose products he's discussing.
E.g., if someone writes from Netcom about Java, and I happen to know that he
works for Sun (even in a totally unrelated division), I'll suspect that he may
know more about Sun products than someone whose affiliation I don't know, and
I'll pay a little more attention to his writings.

The periodic Usenet post _What is Usenet? A second opinion_ by Edward Vielmetti
<[email protected]> says:

]- Disclaimers are worthless.  If you post from foobar.com, and put a note
]  on the bottom "not the opinions of foobar inc.,", you may satisfy the
]  lawyers but your corporate reputation still will be affected.  To maintain
]  a separate net.identity, post from a different site.

I agree that disclaimers are worthless. I don't agree that they would satisfy
the lawyers.


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