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Re: crypto for porno users


> >A law
> >enforcement team would be stepping onto shaky ground if they were forced to
> >transfer illegal images/etc to a suspected trafficer before getting evidence
> >from him. Entrapment is an ugly concept.
> We've been hearing about such things (using the mails) for some time.  I
> don't know how the cops avoided entrapment when they posed as kiddie porn
> customers or pedophiles when they were doing the AOL sting.

As I recall, the courts have sent the message to the LE community that it's entrapment if they 
entice someone into doing something that they normally wouldn't do.  If you're a kiddie porn dealer, 
and I as a LE officer entice you to sell me some pictures of that cute 8-year-old doing some geezer, 
then that's not entrapment.  If I, on the other hand, try to pressure you (assuming you are a 
law-abiding citizen) into buying such by either misrepresenting the article in question or by 
threatening you with dire consequences if you don't buy, etc. - in other words, forcing or enticing 
you to do something you normally wouldn't do - *that's* entrapment.
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