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Re: bit quiet in here lately

At 02:11 AM 11/24/95 -0500, futplex wrote:
>sameer writes:
>> 	I am working on a spec which myself and others will turn into
>> an internet draft, for placements on the standards track.  It will
>> standardize remailer commands and nymserver commands, and will
>> incorporate payment. Once we get a draft written up it will be posted
>> for review, flames, and criticism.
>Great -- I've been toying with working on exactly that since the summer. 
>I never quite convinced myself that a) the general net community would really 
>take a remailer-related i-draft or RFC seriously, or even that b) the
>remailer community would really find a standards document useful. It's
>encouraging to see that some other people also think it's worth writing.

Now, if the remailer service-listing operators could agree on a standard
format for their reporting (lag time, feature lists, etc), then it would
simplify maintaining a list of remailers - which would increase the
usability of the remailer system, and help the use and growth of remailers.

Dave Merriman
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