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Fwd: Re: using ecash

-- [ From: J. Kent Hastings * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

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Date: Friday, 24-Nov-95 03:38 PM

From: Mark Twain Ecash Support \ Internet:    ([email protected])
To:   J. Kent Hastings         \ Internet:    ([email protected])

Subject: Re: using ecash

> During the "play money" beta test, I saw "BEGIN E-CASH PAYMENT" messages
> that looked like a PGP format.

> I'd like to know if the Mark Twain "real money" US Dollar software has
> feature, too.

Mark Twain Ecash does allow for ASCII email payments.

> The "heavy user" personal account has a 3 percent fee to withdraw, but
> verify that just to make sure.

With a Heavy User account you can move a hundred USD in or out of the  Mint
fee of charge.

For the second hundred USD the rate is 3%, but the money movement fee  is
counted against your monthly fee of $2, so you only pay 3$ - 2$ =  1$ for
the second hundred.

-- Mark Twain Ecash Support
   <mailto:[email protected]>

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