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Re: [rehash] Re: crypto for porno users

At 6:05 PM 11/24/95, [email protected] wrote:
>Watch the cpunks go round and round and round and...
>On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, Gary Jeffers wrote:
>>    I know little of the theory of Dining Cryptographers but I would think
>> that a good implementation of it would make infiltrators useless. I will
>> leave it for other Cypherpunks to discuss the mechanics (specific and
>> general) for actually doing this.
>Dining Cryptographers nets (aka DC-nets) are the whole idea behind the
>type 2 anon remailers like Mixmaster, and the remailernet in general.
>You'll find a lot on this in the archives, the ftp site (which has Chaum's
>DC article and a good explanation by Tim May) and a few peoples' pages.
>(I think they're mostly pointed to in the pages I list)

I wish this were the case. Mixmaster is not based on the "Dining
Cryptographers" problem, but based on Chaum's "Digital Mixes".

Digital mixes hide the fact that A is communicating with B.
DC nets allow an individual A in a group of people A' to send a message
so that it is impossible to tell who in the group sent it (but it is known
to have been one of the members of A').


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