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Re: "lack" of export control rules

The shadowy figure took form and announced "I am attila and I say ...
> On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, sameer wrote:
>  a> The feds have never established a general policy.
>     in other words, business as usual with the Feds. If there is no "book"
> on what is or is not legal v/v ITAR, and the agency responsible will not
> communicate, it empirically says:  "...well, be reasonable to meet the
> intent of the law, but we will not tell you what is really expected;
> however, if, in the futute, we decide what we really want, we will bust
> you if you did not fully comply despite your good intentions --and, if
> that does not fly, we'll charge you with conspiracy...." 

Just had an idea for Netscapes case.  If we suppose that the ITAR
governors ever managed to agree on a purely electronic based, export
controlled distribution method then Netscape can write a Java applet
or LiveScript to perform the task.  This would mean a *click here to
download* interface and bypass the obfuscated process that dogs MIT

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