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Re: crypto for porno users


Hello E. ALLEN SMITH" <[email protected]>
  and [email protected]
  and [email protected]

Allen wrote:
> From: IN%"[email protected]"  "Moroni" 24-NOV-1995 14:52:11.13
> >I wish we could get off the subject of the kiddie porn , it makes
> >me wonder what people on this list are doing when they are not

I believe that the thread originally was on pornography in  
general, not any particulary type...

One reason to talk of it might be that users of legitimate pornography
(non-violent erotica, X, whatever you call it) are a likely adopter
of privacy technology (encryption, e cash, anon, etc).

They may also be a sufficiently numerous group to affect elections,
should one or the other party actually be better than the other.

Particularly in Australia, where I understand X-rated material
may be sold only in the Territories, and anyone living in one of
the States has to drive over or mail-order.

> governmental censorship. Consequently, I would like to give two
> counterarguments to the idea that child pornography is not
> something that should be cryptographically protected.
... [age of consent; generated without children] ...

One can even imagine situations with real live child pornography...
Should one be forbidden from distributing pictures of oneself
when one was younger? 

However, I speak from assumptions and newspaper reports, not
personal experience, so all of the above may be way off :-)

Adiau - Jiri
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