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Re: Gingrich, "crypto coalition" & dysfunctional philosophy

The detweiler tentacle is afraid to debate me...

>To: "Vladimir Z. Nuri" <[email protected]>
>From: [email protected] (jim bell)
>Subject: Re: Gingrich, "crypto coalition" & dysfunctional philosophy 
>>well, I don't really care about convincing anarchists that you're
>>a bozo. it's reasonable people who it would scare me if they began
>>to take you seriously.
>Then start being "scared."  I guess you have lots of practice.
>> frankly I'm not convinced that anyone with
>>half a brain is taking you seriously.
>I don't have to convince you of anything!  You wimped out!  You claimed
that you would be happy to debate me IN PUBLIC!  Well, I did and you ran
away with you tail between your legs!
>Stop being a wuss!  If you're as correct as  you claim you are, you have no
reason to fear.  Debate, dammit!