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Re: crypto for porno users

From:	IN%"[email protected]"  "Moroni" 25-NOV-1995 16:21:44.10

   I'm soory but I don't care if the images come from mars . Jerking off 
to the images of kids is sick.
	That's your opinion, and thus your problem to be dealt with by you.
Yes, I'm calling that a _problem_. If it makes you want to harm others who
aren't harming anyone else, then it's a problem.
	I also have my doubts as to whether you can honestly deny ever being
attracted by a young teenager, even as an adult. But your sexual preferences
are not my business, any more than anyone else's are of yours.
	I will refrain from posting further on cypherpunks about this, since
it's getting far from the purpose of the list. Feel free to reply in private