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[NOISE] Re: crypto for porno users

On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, E. ALLEN SMITH wrote:

> consent. For instance, Britain's age for consent depends on the
> type of sexuality involved; heterosexual sex receives a more
> lenient age (18) than homosexual (21).

This is getting distinctly off-topic, but Britain's age of consent is
actually 16 for heterosexual sex, 18 for male homosexuals (unless the
government have changed it back again, they reduced it from 21 a few
months ago), and I think 16 for lesbians. But it's all terribly
complicated, as you pointed out... 

Incidentally, the "Sun" newspaper, one of the most popular in the UK
(sells 3,000,000-4,000,000 copies daily, AFAIR), has often printed
half-page erotic pictures of topless sixteen-year-old girls. Would this be
"kiddie porn"  in the US ?

OBCrypto: Did anyone ever find out which version of A5 is in Applied 
Cryptography ?