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Re: [NOISE] Chi Sun Times SS# Sweepstakes

At 10:54 AM 11/27/95 -0600, Alex Strasheim wrote:
>The Chicago Sun-Times is running a contest in which readers are asked to
>send in their social security numbers.  Someone will win a cash prize
>after a random drawing. 
>I can't figure out the angle on this.  If they simply want to run a
>promotional contest, why are they asking for ssn's?  If there's an
>ulterior motive, what is it?  Are they going to sell the list?  Would they
>have a use for it themselves?

Alex -

  There may be *an ulterior motive* of getting the person's ssn, i.e., for
the purpose of the newspaper (and the winner) reporting winnings to IRS.  In
addition, the newspaper may also feel that, in selecting a 10-digit number,
it probably will not repeat such as someone's birthdate.  Personally, I lean
towards the former.
>The frustrating thing is that there are probably many millions of
>Americans who will give away the keys to the store for next to nothing. 
>The feds probably made a tactical error:  instead of trying to force
>mandatory key escrow down our throats, they ought to have offered everyone
>who is willing to submit to voluntary escrow a chance to win a Chrysler

  I agree with you.  I believe *greed* is the operating word....


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