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Re: The future will be easy to use (fwd)

Steven Weller writes:
> >Realisticaly, who in their right mind would buy a diskless workstation to
> >connect to Internet?
> The same sort of things could be said of the telephone compared with
> written correspondence. Why would anyone have one in their business or
> home? Anyone can overhear a conversation, people will just chat, the only
> thing you can do with it is talk, there is no record of the correspondence,
> why would anyone want to talk to people on the other side of town? etc.

This is different. In an era of distributed processing, they are
returning you to the mainframe model. I don't see that this can work
very well. Considering how much more powerful a $1000 machine is, why
would you want something half that price that can do one hundredth as
much for you?