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Re: The future will be easy to use

>James A. Donald writes

>> Specs, anyone?  > > I suggest a few requirements:  > > Store the
>keys, and information about the keys in a *real* database > ...

At 09:31 AM 11/29/95 -0500, Jack P. Starrantino wrote:
> Is this worth the complexity/cost? I'd have thought that the amount of
> data involved would be small enough that index hashing would be
> overkill, and I can't think of any operations that would require a full
> up db engine.

I think you envisage communicating with a few other revolutionaries,
drug trafficers, etc, whereas I envisage a future where every man is
his own bank and his own credit rating agency.

More immediately, any extension to the web of trust to enable it to
function for anything more interesting and important than
logical-to-physical identity (and who gives a tinkers damn about
logical-to-physical identity) will require a real database, or
will be painful without a real database.

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