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Re: The future will be easy to use

At 10:56 PM 11/26/95, James A. Donald wrote:
>At 01:12 PM 11/27/95 -0800, Jonathan Zamick wrote:
>> it
>> means forming a group, made up of Cypherpunk members perhaps, but much
>> smaller, and capable of working together. Also capable of handling not only
>> the theory, but good solid code, GUI, PR, meetings, talking to the
>> government, etc.
>Skip the talking to the government bit:  Ignore, do not confront.

I can't agree. The model of a successful enterprise includes feedback from
different levels of participants. Regardless, the government will be taking
a role in encryption. Thus even if they aren't a defining part of the
development, bringing them to a limited extent into the loop, and finding
even small areas which the government would support, helps provide better
buy-in by the government officials who participate, helping the momentum.

The point isn't to bring them into the design, but simply to use their
feedback to optimize our PR approach.


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