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   Zero Kelvin crypto but The NYPaper hisses 28 Nov:

      The US Navy is starting to release a treasure trove of
      physical data about the sea that was gathered in secrecy
      during the long decades of the cold war, exciting
      scientists who see it as a bonanza for understanding
      environmental change. Over the decades, the Navy
      deployed thousands of ships, airplanes, submarines and
      satellites to collect such data. Usually kept secret,
      the archival readings are seen as unrivaled yardsticks
      for judging long-term processes of global climatic
      change and planetary warming. A geophysicist said the
      value of that data for scientific and commercial 
      exploitation is measured in billions of dollars.

   "Scientific Utility of Naval Environmental Data," a June,
   1995, 52-page appraisal by the Medea scientific advisory
   group, is available for free by telephoning (703) 883-5265
   voice or (703) 883-6190 fax.

   NAV_dat  (13 kb)