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Re: The future will be easy to use

From:	IN%"[email protected]"  "Raph Levien" 27-NOV-1995 17:11:37.38

It _is_ doable. I know the skill is out there. Wei Dai, Eric Young, Peter
Gutmann, and others have proved themselves quit capable of writing good
solid code. Sameer Parekh has done an incredible job with PR. Phil Karn,
Dan Bernstein, and some others (who I'm not sure want to be named) are
talking to the government. GUI I'm less sure about, but I'd hope that some
cpunks would come out of the woodwork.
	If you'd like a non-programmer user to test out the user interface, I'm
available to some degree if it's usable on a VAX (and to a lesser degree for
MS-DOS). Given the number of people like me who are interacting using a non-GUI
interface for various reasons (including using a mainframe for email), I would
suggest not making it specifically GUI-dependant.