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Re: Cypherpunk Certification Authority

| > Well, signed Alice posts have shown up, so we will just have to assume
| > that the above was a spoof and that the signed Alice posts are the
| > real ones, now won't we?
| Perry.  Normally I try my best to ignore you.
| But I will simply repeat, I have never signed a post, and have no 
| intention of beginning to sign any posts, until I establish a secure 
| machine in a secure complex that is dedicated to that purpose.

	When did PGP claim to be perfect?  Its not; and the point is
not to obtain 100% confidence in someone, but a useable level of
confidence.  If the remailer chains work, then it would be tough to
find out who you are.  If we do find out who you are, your integrity
shell will tell you that your PGP binary was tampered with.  If we
don't know who you are, then your machine is safe from just about
anything other than a thorough sweep of all the net connected users in

	So, please explain the threat that causes you to think that
'pretty good' is worthless in this context.

"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."