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e$: Moof! (Hettinga Speaks at Apple)

God help us all.

I've been invited to the CyberDog Coding Retreat next week at Apple
Computer in Cupertino. Getting flown out there is cool. Hanging with the
more clueful Mac Internet types and getting to kibbitz and watch (I like to
watch!) them code OpenDoc parts for the internet from 8AM to midnight plus,
subsisting on Dew and Pizza is really way cool. Even getting some
mac.cypherpunks in the door to code cypto parts is extremely cool. But...

They've asked me to give a "talk". All by myself. In an auditorium. With an
audience, I mean. With publicity. I feel like Hoffman in Rain Man...
V-E-R-N, Verrrn... More to the point, I feel like I'm tempting fate,

Sooo. I've been told I can have friends in the audience. That's cool. As
many friends as I want. That's even cooler. I can even have reinforcements
up on the rostrum. That's extremely cool.

So, while I work on the "reinforcements up on the rostrum" part, *please*
come and help me explain this stuff to the rest of the Apple community.

I've appended the actual poster copy, with the relevant details, below.
The poster, and its copyright-violating picture of Grommit the Dog are also
found on the web at:


Bob Hettinga


Geodesic Software and Financial Cryptography for Dogs
Robert Hettinga
12 PM, Dec 6th 1995, Town Hall, R&D4

Robert Hettinga (really, nobody you ever
heard of), will talk about the internet as a geodesic network and
information surfactant, about OpenDoc as geodesic software and code
surfactant, about really frightening stuff like strong cryptography on
public networks and the four horsemen of the infoclypse, about digital cash
and bearer certificates, and finally, about why teaching CyberDog how to do
financial cryptography is so important.

See this 350lb guy jump up and down and blather on for at least an hour
about anonymous transactions, about the disappearance of the capital
markets as as we know them, the rise and fall of the pyramid as communication
metaphor, and how to raise Bucky Fuller from the dead.

Learn why you should teach your code to surfact any application "suite" into
little bitty pieces, to send you cash in the mail no matter where you are,
and to make the whole status quo (everywhere!) disappear in a cloud of
self-organized chaos.

Cryptoanarchy. Right here in Cupertino, folks.

See you there...

Robert Hettinga ([email protected])
e$, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston, MA 02131 USA (617) 958-3971
"Reality is not optional." --Thomas Sowell
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