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Re: Inexpensive Crypto Boxes...

> It isn't likely to be worth doing this with a sony play-station; it's DSP
> capabilities are nothing special, and you're paying way too much for
> irrelevant stuff like CD-ROMs, 3D accellerators, etc. For the same money

  I seem to remember a product from Sony last year that had a CDROM 
drive in it, a small LCD display, and a minimal keyboard. I think it 
was meant for reading encyclopedias or something.

  What would be cool would be a small device like this with a Magneto 
Optical drive in it. Generate yourself a large one-time pad and off 
you go...

  Or, you could have a secure messaging system (running a stripped 
down version of PGP) that could connect to a host via POP3 protocol 
(thru a internal modem of course)  handle your mail, etc.

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