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PKP patent hearing

Hearing on the validity of the public key patents

On Wed., Dec. 6, 1995, 10:00 am, San Jose Federal Bldg, there will
be a hearing on the validity of the Diffie-Hellman, Hellman-Merkle,
RSA, and Schnorr patents.

There are also some annoying procedural technicalities that are
also scheduled to be heard, so we may not get to the patents
right away.  (antitrust standing, sufficiency of pleadings,
admissibility of evidence, etc.)

Schlafly v. Public Key Partners & RSA Data Security
Case C-94-20512 SW PVT
Hon. Spencer Williams
At the San Jose federal building, 280 S First St.
Ask the US Marshals where Williams' courtroom is while you go thru
the airport-style security.
Court Clerk: 408/535-5364

The Federal Bldg is in downtown San Jose, between 101, 880, and 280.
I will take 280 to SJ, go north on 87, right on the first exit, and
park in the first convenient lot or garage.  There is some street
parking, but the SJ meter maids are very efficient.  If you come
from the north, you may want to take 87 or the Almaden Expwy.  (I get
those mixed up.)

The judge is used to lawyers wearing suits, so try to wear something
that won't appear disrespectful.

Roger Schlafly

phone: 408-476-3550
CompuServe: 76646,323
US Mail: PO Box 1680, Soquel, CA 95073 USA
Internet: [email protected]