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Re: PGP hooks for Pegasus Mail?

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On 28 Nov 95 at 12:16, Lynne L. Harrison wrote:

> At 09:52 AM 11/28/95 +0000, you wrote:
> >Anyone done anything regarding PGP hooks into Pegasus Mail? 
> >I'm running it at home now (SLIPped into my Linux box), and 
> >I'd like to find a way to integrate PGP into Pegasus Mail.
> >
> >Thanks in advance for any replies...
> Ed -
>   I haven't heard of anything re: "PGP hooks into Pegasus 
> Mail".  At one time, Eudora and ViaCrypt were discussing it 
> but, from what I heard, those discussions fizzled out.

>   The easiest way to *integrate* is to use a front end program.

I find it bizarre that what little is going on in real integration of PGP for e-mail users is not mentioned on cp, perhaps unknown, certainly not of interest to those who should be interested.

What is going on is going on with respect to Pegasus, and what mention of it there is is not on cp but on the Pegasus Mail list.

Apparently cypherpunks *don't* write code, and PMail people *do*.

Do a million registered users and an e-mail program with hooks already originating outside the U.S. penetrate anyone's consciousness?

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