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Re: Encrypted Email

On 11 27 95 you asked 
    Can anybody briefly summarize for me some options for 
    encrypting email that are secure? I know about PGP but 
    I need something for (my environment) with an easy to 
    use interface (PC-Windows) - for use by people who 
    really aren't very computer literate. 
The following item from 11 27 95 Computerworld 58 may be 
 CommTouch Software, Inc. in San Mateo, Calif., announced 
 a secure Internet E-mail package called Pronto Secure. 
 It allows connected and disconnected users to send and 
 encrypt Internet mail.  It supports many Internet security 
 protocols, such as Power One-Time Pad, Pretty Good Privacy, 
 Privacy Enhanced Mail, Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail 
 Extensions (S / MIME) and MIME Object Security Services. 
 Pronto Secure, which will ship in March, will require users 
 to replace their existing Internet mail systems....  Comm- 
 Touch plans to ship by mid-1996 a security module that is 
 Messaging Application Programming Interface-compliant and 
 works with a user's existing mail [system]. 
At p 66 of the same issue, there's a listing of "Recent in- 
formation security product announcements."  CommTouch is 
listed there; its Internet address is 
                     [email protected] 
and a single copy of Pronto Secure is US $299 list. 
ipri.com = InterActive Public Relations, Inc in 'Frisco.