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Re: SKIP Source Release is out!

Michael Smith writes:
> Perry Metzger writes:
> >Anyone who'd like to help me put the sources to the NRL IPsec + IPv6
> >implementation up for FTP is invited to get in touch. It will runs on
> >4.4BSD machines (i.e. BSDI, NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc) and should be
> >pretty portable to other similar Berkeley based machines.
> What licensing requirements exist for people who might want to 
> use this code in their products? In particular, does one need to 
> obtain any licensing from RSA or Cylink? 

No. It doesn't contain any public key stuff because it isn't the key
management component.

Its all available under a Berkeley style license, which permits
unrestricted commercial use, and complies with RFC 1825, 1826, 1827,
1828 & 1829.