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break microsoft!!!

re: the recent message that windows 95 has weak password encryption
due to a 32 bit random seed sent to RC4--

this seems like another EXCELLENT opportunity for some major 
cypherpunks press coverage and feather-in-the-cap accolades.

remember, the last break of the Netscape RC4 algorithm (or was it
MD5?) got front page NYT coverage and reverberated throughout the
entire media.

a "cypherpunk" accomplishing the same thing for Microsoft would 
potentially get *major* notice.

I imagine a short .exe file that when run on the proper computer
prints out passwords as it cracks them. this would get the
attention of a LOT of people.

I have the MS C++ compiler, and if someone could discuss the difficulty
of writing this proposed "exe" file, the rough time required to break
the keys, and other considerations (physical access to server computer
required?)  and maybe point to code pieces on the
net (RC4 etc.) to pull it off, I might start the effort myself.