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Re: (cpx) Re:(fwd) Like FV with Crypto ... 'Cept Different ...

Lucky writes (quoting propaganda forwarded to Punks by Robert):

>>  WebTrader can be used as a stand-alone Internet application or in
>>conjunction with SBT's Pro Series 3.0i accounting software.  WebTrader has a
>>suggested retail price of $1,295.

>They can't be serious. Why would you want to pay $1,300 for a payment
>system, when you can get an Ecash merchant account for a fraction of what
>Checkfree is charging?

Not all merchants wishing to transact on the Web are as knowledgeable or 
sophisticated as the Punks on the different options. The offering includes a 
Web presence and payment processing, hassle free. No energy expenditure 
required. No need to develop an instant competency in electronic commerce. If a 
prospective web merchant has neither in place, I imagine the cost might be 
attractive. I also imagine that, like any other business in the world, SBT 
charges what they think the market will bear.

Please note that CheckFree did not price the offering - they do the CC 
processing for SBT at some agreed upon cost to SBT. SBT sets the price for the 
offering in order to recover that cost, as well as their own, and establish 
some sort of margin.

And by the way, I had nothing to do with project, so I beg you not to direct 
flames thisaway, should any decide flames are called for. Hey man, I just work 
here....  :)