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Re: ecash lottery (Was: ecash casino)

> So; is there a problem with the implementation outlined above?  If it were
> implemented, would people play it?

	I think it would be easier if the lottery owner was just in a
safe jurisdiction. Then he wouldn't have to worry about the legality
of it, and not worry about his anonymity. Gambling-safe jurisdictions
*do* exist.
	There lies a problem if *playing* a game is illegal in the US,
which I beleive it may be. If the winners can be revealed by
bank/lottery collusion, then in order to protect the winners the
lottery can't collude with the bank. This may not be a problem,
because the lottery isn't subject to US law, so there would be no way
to force the lottery to collude with the bank to reveaol the
identities of the winners.

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