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Re: WTO an even worse possibility as Inet regulator

At 08:40 PM 11/30/95 +0000, attila wrote:
>	<attila sez>  but WTO is also accumulating a rather larger 
>    bureaucracy and is challeng Uncle Sam on severl major unilateral
>    actions.  [...] and it will be by the WTOs and world courts, or the
>    Rockefeller NWO --read UN, and UN troops in America. 

This is excessively paranoid:  The main threat to freedom is still
internal, rather than external.

The major expansion of WTO power came because of the notorious
corruption and one sidedness of American courts judging disputes
between foreign and American businessmen.

Since WTO courts do not have WTO gunmen this amounts to a major
separation of judicial and executive power, thus though it is
a centralizing move, it is also a move that favors liberty an
the rule of law.

Of course the first stages in centralization always do, at first,
favor liberty and the rule of law as they restrain corrupt and
lawless local powers.  Later, much later, the centralized power
becomes a greater threat to liberty than those local authorities
that it restrained.  

That stage is still a long way down the track, and very likely 
the modern nation state will collapse first.

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