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Re: ecash lottery (Was: ecash casino)

At 11:53 PM 11/30/95 +0100, Laurent Demailly wrote:
>'small' questions about inet gambling
> + How do you complain that you didn't got your win without revealing
> your ID ?
> + Alternatively, How do you prevent false complains or nasty
> concurrent trying to trash gambling co reputation ?

Gambler submits a value that contains a hash of his guess, plus
random noise, plus some random numbers resembling random noise
that if signed by the bank will become anonymous ecash (once

Lottery has to acknowledge payments by signing the hashed

After the drawing, if the lottery cheats, the winner can prove that 
the lottery cheated by anonymously revealing the values that when
hashed yield the number signed by the lottery.  If a disgruntled 
person makes such an allegation, then in order to prove they
did not cheat the lottery must anonymously reveal the numbers
signed by the bank.  If the reveal this, this proves they are 
fine, and also pays the gambler, because he holds the deblinding
factor which will turn those bank signed numbers into money.

Thus not only can it be carried out anonymously, but disputes
can be fought anonymously.

>ps: it would be easier that the game is legal so ppl can play without
>being hidden... In my current casino, most people do complain when
>there is a problem, and I think that those who don't aren't because
>its monopoly money or just they aren't paying much attention...
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