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Re: META: Lycos & Searchable archives

If you mail to an open list or post to news you are shouting through a
megaphone on a street corner. If you don't want everyone to know what you
said, use a remailer (this group above all others should do that).


At 9:56 PM 11/29/95, Leslie Todd Masco wrote:
>Someone has expressed concern to me that the cypherpunks archives are
>searchable via Lycos.  Said person doesn't mind having the archives
>searchable to the smaller audience of people who go to the we-site,
>but is unhappy about net-wide searches turning up cypherpunks articles.
>Can we try to find a consensus on this?  My initial inclination was to
>shrug the concern off (properties of information, etc, as well as c'punks
>being a more-or-less anarchy and the express desire for some sort of
>searching mechanism for c'punks), but I thought I'd double check as I've
>been mostly out of touch for the better part of a year.
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