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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

sameer writes:
> http://www.cnet.com/Central/News/govt.html

I think this is sufficiently important for a partial quotation:

By Anne Knowles 	November 29, 1995, 12 p.m. PT

   BOSTON--Getting the government involved in maintaining Internet data
 privacy may not be popular, but it's going to be necessary. That's the message
 Netscape Communications chair Jim Clark delivered this morning in his keynote
 address to an audience here at Email World and Internet Expo. 

   To secure Net communications, the government will need to have access to
 private data exchanges using what is known as a key escrow security system,
 said Clark. He added that an invincible security system for the Net is 
 possible, but such a system won't be built unless the government has a stake 
 in it. "That's where key escrow comes in," said Clark. 

> 	Bad. Very Bad. 

Agreed. As of a moment ago I could find absolutely no mention of this on
Netscape's web pages. I hope they will at least have the courage to put out a
"We Support Clipper II" press release. Now the question is, how much of a
role does Netscape Communications intend to play in implementing GAK, and
what can we do to counter it ?

-Futplex <[email protected]>