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Re: The future will be easy to use

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, E. ALLEN SMITH wrote:

> However, if you have optional linking of ID and name, shippers will only 
> ship to keys with such attributes. Because just ID and address, it could 
> be a "hit and run" type attack shipped to a safe maildrop.
> ---------------------------------
> 	If the transaction is via a Credit Card, it's the card issuer's
> liability (and responsibility to determine creditworthiness), unless I'm badly
> mistaken. If it's bank-issued ecash, then it's up to the bank to disgorge
> physical dollars when ecash is presented to them. What's the risk in either
> case?

Credit card fraud -- ie I've snarfed someone's card number and they 
haven't figured it out yet.

Cardholder's liability is $50 (I think).  Depending on the situation (if 
it's a card-is-physically-present transaction or a not-present) the 
liability falls to either the bank or the merchant.

A "proof of address" is a darn good way to reduce (not prevent, reduce) 
that sort of fraud.

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