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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

Jeff Weinstein writes:
> sameer wrote:
> > 
> > http://www.cnet.com/Central/News/govt.html
> > 
> >         Bad. Very Bad. And I was almost starting to like Netscape.
>   Please don't give up on us yet.  All press accounts I've read so far
> have lots of stuff attributed to Jim, but very little of it is actual
> quotes.

Jeff, I'll be blunt.

I'm never going to use Netscape again if it turns out to be true. Sure
Mosaic bites, but who cares -- with enough work we can make it or
something else compete with your product if need be, and I bet that
you guys can't keep up with five hundred angry hackers.

I'll also happily run a campaign to convince everyone else on the
internet that you guys are helping to violate their privacy, because
you would be. Tell Jim Clark that if he goes through with it he has
something far worse to lose than his friends in the government -- the
billion he just got his hands on. Tell him that if he is being
misquoted he'd better make sure that retractions get printed and fast.

If you don't want "Netscape Inside" to be treated as a warning label,
you guys will reject escrow as any other ethical company would -- or