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Re: Netscape, Corporations, and GAK Support

Folks, lay of Netscape on this one. _EVERYONE_ is doing Terissa for the feds to
use themselves. There are reporting requirements (FOI) which most people on this 
list seem to enjoy which make the privacy issue moot. There are other people who do 
not want to have non escrowed data flowing over their internal nets, nuclear 
installations etc.

When I was involved in the site security area there was no way I would allow 
messages to be bouncing round the internal net which I could not read. They
might well be from trojan horses planted inside the net sending data out.

Key escrow is not bad in itself. It is the idea that individuals be forced to 
use it for private conversations that is the bad idea.

If people want to argue "make the technology avaliable and it will be abused" then
let them. Just remember that we normally argue the other side of the case.