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Re: [Rant!] Death by praise Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

>On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Jay Holovacs wrote:
>> On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:
>> > Can Netscape continue to prosper? This latest issue won't kill it,
>> I suspect this will unfortunately help. Stockholders are interested in 
>> profits, not principles. Co-oping with the feds will help Netscape get to 
>> the commercial market sooner, and most customers, sadly don't give a damn 
>> about privacy (or don't understand).
><Rant mode on>
>Clipper and family are vampires; shine some light on them and they're dead.
>Witness the public ridicule of the FBI 1% scheme. Compare that to the near
>mainstream silence about DT. The last round of Clipper was wonderful, for 
>a while in '94 we had Time sounding like Brock Meeks.
>If Jim Clark really does mean this nonsense then I hope he does a Dorothy 
>Denning and takes his show on the road (sorry Jeff). This is simply 
>easy fodder for journalists without a story, totally black and white 
>cheap shot at the gov. While people don't give a damn about their privacy, 
>they sure do get mad when they're shown how easy it is to take away. 
>They *hate* hearing the $ cost.
>Maybe some of the people on this list with higher profiles than myself should
>start defending Clipper and GAK as loudly and stupidly as possible. I've 
>grown dead tired of trying to get anyone around me interested in pgp,
>remailers and whatnot. Reverse psycho sounds a lot easier:
>"Noted counterterrorism expert Timothy May was quoted on Connie Chung Live 
>last night as saying "Clipper, GAK and CTHULHU666 are a hundred billion 
>dollar investment in your national security. Only through complete wiretapping 
>will we save our nation's children from violent cigarette smokers, tax 
>cheaters, unlicensed pit-bull owners, Tax 'n Spend Liberals, murderous Nation 
>of Islam Dope Pushers, audiophiles, christians, fat people, OJ and 
>jaywalkers on the infohighway." -USA Today" 
>(Apologies. You may now killfile me with a clear conscience.)
>If you can't beat 'em, subvert 'em.
As a _very_ low profile member of this list I thought a futile gesture
was needed at this point:
                        *I agree with you*
I've been trying to interest the  BBC in the U.K. in pgp, clipper et al 
for ages - I give up!.- BTW- after 'Britland' MPs posted hear a while back
I thought _maybe_ we'd hear more.Will the last one to leave Grate Britain
please switch out the lights!

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