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Call For Papers - Conference on Redistributable Software

[I'm hoping that we can get some papers on freely redistributable
*crypto* and *security* software -- like PGP or PEM or SSL_eay or
Kerberos or brute-force tools or SATAN or Java tools or whatever!  I'm
on the program committee and am trying to make the conference as broad
as possible, not just focusing on "traditional" free software.  Help!


	First Conference on Freely Redistributable Software

	Sponsored by the Free Software Foundation

		2-5 February 1996
		Cambridge, MA

Over the past 15 years, free and low-cost software has become ubiquitous.  
This conference will bring together implementors of several different types 
of freely redistributable software and publishers of such software (on 
various media).

There will be tutorials and refereed papers, as well as keynotes by
        Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman

The Conference will be held at the Cambridge Center Marriott, 
2-5 February 1996.  

Papers are invited on any aspect of GNU, Linux, NetBSD, 386BSD, FreeBSD, 
expect, PERL, tcl/tk, and other tools for which the code is accessible 
and redistributable.

Extended abstracts are due on or before Thursday, 30 November 1995. 

Authors will be notified no later than 8 December.
Full papers will be due Thursday, 4 January 1996.

Program committee:
        Peter H. Salus, chair
        Robert J. Chassell
        Chris Demetriou
        John Gilmore
        Marshall Kirk McKusick
        Rich Morin
        Eric S. Raymond 
        Vernor Vinge

Abstracts of 350-750 words (in troff, PostScript, or straight ASCII, 
only) should be sent to
        [email protected]
Peter H. Salus  #3303  4 Longfellow Place  Boston, MA 02114
	+1 617 723 3092