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Pornography Server


   *  To: Cypherpunks Mailing List <[email protected]>
   *  Subject: Pornography Server
   *  From: "Robert A. Hayden" <[email protected]>
   *  Date: Sun, 13 Feb 1994 12:23:28 -0600 (CST)


In response to the posting about setting up a pornography server (Sorry,
I'm afraid I deleted the specific message so I cannot remember who you
was :-).

That is certainly a way for people to get and use PGP and to get used the
remailers.  It would get a lot of heavy use as well.  Now, if there was a
way to batch mailings (so that if, say, six people ordered one item, it
would be sent as one letter to all six instead of six different letters,
with precedence set to bulk), that would help even more.

Now, there are also some practical considerations as well.  What
materials do you archive?  If you put up pictures (gif or jpeg), you will
be talking about tremendous amounts of traffic.  Once they are uuencoded,
even with compression, they can be huge.  If you limit yourself to things
such as stories and the like, you will have less traffic, but also less

There is also the legal side of distributing pornography.   Interstate
transfer is naughty and with Al Gore's Information-Superhighway Patrol,
it will raise some very political issues (but, by using a decent blind
system, for all the patrol knows, the distributor might be in the
recipient's state).

Also, and this is really just an interface issue, scripts should be
developed that will automate the retrieval process (ie, build and submit
the mail message).  These would be similiar to the hop.mail or anon.mail
scripts, but would be custom to the pornography server.

For example:
        It begins with an input for the file to be retrieved.
        It will continue prompting for that until the person enters a
                null (or 'q' or something)
        It will then list (at least) one dozen remailers, and they can
                select one (or take a default, and randomize it.  Or perhaps
                randomize it through >1 remailer, although that decreases
                response time.).
        They will then have to PGP sign their mail message (so that the
                ordering software can verify the person placing the order.
                This is to cut down mail-spoofing to mail-bomb an enemy
                with porn.)
        Encrypt it for the appropriate parties
        Send it on its way.

The server can either reply immediately with the appropriate files, or it
can batch everything up for processing during low-traffic times (I
personally like the first, but dont' really care that much).  The mail is
then PGP encrypted back to the recipient (by getting the key from a key
server, or by having the orderee register their key before hand, with the
latter probably being easier, although it does leave a paper trail that
can be examined) and sent out with precedence set to 'bulk' so that
other stuff is more important on the mail links.

It should all be fairly accomplishable with a series of perl and sh
scripts on either end.  The real question is what to offer.

I'll talk more about this from an organizational stand-point if anyone is
interested.  I'm afriad that I'm really not that good a programmer (even
of simple shells) as my field of expertise is in management and other
administrative stuff (but obviously not spelling :-)

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