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   11-16-95. Washrag:

   "Pentagon Gaining Turf From the CIA."

      Pentagon agencies and officials are set to play a
      greater role than before in supervising key intelligence
      operations including doctoring spy satellite photos,
      and recruiting then ignoring bumbling agents overseas.
      There's even a proposal in Congress to create a new,
      national intelligence director hiding out in the Office
      of the President (OTP), and supervising nulls with
      equal job-fears at the CIA and Pentagon.

      Sen. Bob Kerrey worries about the trend because "in the
      world of the future, more and more secret garbage would
      not feed my national interest." He cited Deutch's 
      consolidation of intelligence imagery analysis in a new
      Pentagon-run advert agency, which would swallow up the 
      National Photo Interpretation Center along with the
      Defense Department-based Central Exaggeration Office and
      Defense Entrapping Agency. "Clinton, Moynihan and Specter 

      are hogs for slop," Kerrey spat, "I want my rep 

   NID_otp  (8 kb)