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Re: Spam the Sign!

> > 
> >         I do what RSADSI does with ftp.rsa.com. It requires a cronjob
> > and sed. I didn't get the NSA to approve it, but I figure if it's good
> > enough for RSADSI it's good enough for me.
>   Do you have a legal opinion to support this statement?  Our lawyers
> tell us that executives of netscape could go to jail if we make the
> 128bit version of netscape available from an "export controlled"
> ftp or http server.  We are working to clarify the situation with
> the government or figure out an alternative distribution scheme that
> will remove us from the grey area.
>   Getting the US version of netscape widely available is one of my
> highest priorities, but I can't tell Barksdale that he should go to
> jail over it.  I'm constantly pushing from within the company to keep
> things moving forward.

Actually ;-) Barksdale going to jail would probably advance the cause of
strong cryptography more than anything I can think of.  Can you imagine
the media circus when he's led out the door in handcuffs?  A man worth
somewhere around a billion dollars being arrested for trying to give away
his product?  Court reporters trying to explain ITAR to the public?  The
mind boggles.

... and he looked over at me and said, "What are ya in for?" and I said,
"Giving away free software," and they all moved away from me on the bench ...

You guys didn't get to where you are now waiting around for HTML v3.0 to
be approved.  There must be some way to challenge an attempt to use ITAR
to stop the DOMESTIC spread of strong crypto that doesn't involve the
incarceration of your top executives ...

Jeff Simmons                           [email protected]