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Re: Design proposal: crypto-capable generic interface

>    Ok. But public keys have one serious disadvantage: their size. I can't 
> put a public key on my business card or read it over the phone. I want a 
> unforgeable key name. I want this to be the standard key name in the 
> interface between the application and the crypto engine. I want users to 
> be able to specify them directly, at the very least to bootstrap the 
> public key infrastructure.

There is a patent by someone (I think it was IBM) on how to pack RSA
keys in small space.  I think they were putting them on the magnetic
strips that you have behind every card.  I'm afraid I don't have the
patent number saved, but I have seen the patent document myself at the
patent office.  No, I'm afraid I don't remember how they encoded it.

Using that method (or something similar), you could probably encode
the keys into acceptably short strings with S/KEY-style encoding.