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GAK Flap Happening at a Good Time--Journalists Read!

At 8:43 AM 12/1/95, Leslie Todd Masco wrote:

>I've been told that many media-types go to the archives whenever c'punks
>make the news.  How much of an effect do y'all think it'll have if they
>can't do it with Netscape?

Even better, let's see the journalists get the story first-hand.

I hope the media types reading now will attend the December 5th (I
think...details should be available) gathering on "key escrow" in
Washington. D.C. This should be a fiery meeting, especially if the Netscape
reps (I assume someone from Netscape will be attending, given their central
role in the all-important Web world) either denounce GAK or support GAK.

Frankly, and my thanks again to Sameer for bringing this to our attention,
this flap over Jim Clark's GAK-supporting remarks could not have come at a
better time: the issue of GAK will not be ignored.

--Tim May

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