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Q: Legal liability for Certification Authority

In the last few weeks, mostly under the subject of
creating a Cypherpunks Certification Authority,
someone mentioned legal liability of a CA if a
certified identity was misused.

I am looking for material to pass on to a REAL,
PAID net-savvy lawyer relating to this question.
In return for the money we pay him, he will
return an opinion on just what liability exposure
would be for, say, a large technical users group
who got into the CA business for PGP keys. And/or
what disclaimers or indemnities would be needed.

I would be happy to make his legal opinion
available to the list. IANAL, so I don't know just
what precedents, decisions, regulations, and so on
might be relevent. More information is always a
good thing.


1. reply to me by mail, not the list, unless there
is more general relevence to Cypherpunks. I'll

2. Speculation is not useful.


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