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Re: WTO an even worse possibility as Inet regulator.

Oh dear.  First off, it's the "Royal Institute of International Affairs"

Second, I haven't read or seen the report although I ordered it yesterday.

Third....<disclosure>...I am a Foreign Associate of RIIA...</disclosure>. 
They do nice seminars in a nice part of London near where I once worked.

Fourth, RIIA is a think tank, that is part of the UK establishment but not
part of the government, much like Brookings, Hoover Institution, Council
on Foreign Relations, are in the U.S.  It doesn't speak for the UK
government, and sometimes criticizes it (usually politely).  It doesn't
necessarily speak for business, although it certainly speaks *to* it and 
about it.

Fifth, that doesn't mean the report is right.  Or necessarily influential.
RIIA issues lots of reports, several a month, and most sink without a
visible trace.  But some don't.  So, it could be influential.  Especially
in the UK.  Depends how good/scary it is. I'll report if my copy ever gets
here.  With the Xmas mails, I figure January at best. 

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