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Re: [NOISE] Barring access to Netscape

At 14:26 12.01.1995 -0500, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:
>If you want to see one way of locking out Netscape users, check out this
>URL which points at a Web Page that will not allow access by Netscape Users

Just a personal note... while I am strongly in favour of security, this
seems rather petulant and knee-jerkish.

JeffW: Please add a configuration option to let users override the "Mozilla"
ident, so that they can continue to use Netscape at all sites.  I personally
won't use the override, though; if a site is going to insist on trying to
frivolously exlude me as a user based on nothing but the browser I choose to
use, they aren't serious anyway.

>(the guy is ticked off at them trying to establish their own standards) -

The _market_ establishes standards (been proven time and time again).  His
reaction sounds pretty childish to me, but YMMV...


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