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Re: ecash lottery (Was: ecash casino)

Ian Goldberg writes:
>People pay by sending:
>A payment made out to "@" (the ecash wildcard)
>Their choice of lottery ticket number
>A PGP Public key
>encrypted with the lottery's public key, to the remailer address.

You still have the problem that the lottery agency gets to hold the
money until after the drawing.  It's reasonable to expect that they'll
eventually take advantage of their anonymity to just skip the drawing
and abscond with the bucks.  There's some incentive for them to *not*
do this on the first few drawings, but only so they can get a good
enough reputation so when they *do* skip, they'll get a lot more

The problem with this whole scheme is that there has to be some
*non-*anonymous party to enforce the contract.