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Re: A "Warning Banner" for Netscape Navigator? Good idea!

At 2:39 AM 12/2/95, Robert Hettinga wrote:
>It's been a long and interesting day...
>>Pull down the 'Options' menu, grab the 'Window and Link styles'
>>page, and change the default "home page location" from
>>netscape's to whatever you want.
>Oh. *Those* advertisements! I couldn't for the life of me figure out *what*
>Tim was talking about. I've made mine come up blank since the initial,
>"Hey, what do these twiddly bits in the Preferences command do...", session

Indeed, I figured this out a long time ago, too. As I said in a recent
post, I don't have Netscape's page come up when I start Netscape.

The ads I'm talking about are the ads introduced when various Net tools are
used, such as Infoseek, Deja News, Excite, Yahoo, etc.

--Tim May

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