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Draft agenda for 12/5 Key Escrow Workshop

To:  Key Escrow Distribution List

From:  Ed Roback, NIST

Subject:  Tent. Agenda for 12/5 Meeting

Following for your information is the tentative agenda for the  
meeting next Tuesday.




Proposed 64-bit Software Key Escrow
Encryption Export Criteria Meeting

Red Auditorium
National Institute of Standards and Technology

December 5, 1995

9:00        Welcome
              Ed Roback, NIST

9:10        Perspectives, Objectives of Criteria, and Future 
              Michael Nelson, Co-Chairman
              Interagency Working Group on
                     Encryption and Telecommunications (IWG/ET)

9:30        Exportability Criteria Discussion
              Clint Brooks
              National Security Agency

10:45         Break

11:00      Draft Key Escrow Agent Characteristics
              Geoff Greiveldinger
              U.S. Department of Justice

12:00      Lunch (on your own, NIST cafeteria available)

1:00       Industry Perspectives

              Bill Sweet & Ken Mendelson, TIS
              Dorothy Denning, Georgetown University
              Melanie Janin, U.S. Council for International     
              Ed Scheidt, Tecsec
              Jerry Berman & Daniel Weitzner,
                     Center for Democracy and Technology
              Paul Lambert, Oracle
              David Sobol, Electronic Privacy Information 
              Padgett Petersen, Lockheed-Martin
              Robert Holleyman, Business Software Alliance
              Alex McIntosh, PC Security Limited (UK)
              Doug Miller, Software Publishers Association
              (time permitting:)
              Randy Sabett, Spyrus
              Shabir Safdar, Voters Telecommunications Watch
              Viktor Hampel, Hampel Consulting

2:30       Break

2:45       Cont. (as necessary)

3:45       Wrapup & Adjourn
              Ed Appel, Co-Chairman, IWG/ET


Elaine Frye
Computer Security Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology  
Bldg. 820, M.S. Room 426
Gaithersburg, MD  20899-0001
Voice:   301/975-2819    Fax:  301/948-1233


[Note that the planned breakout sessions originally appear
to have been axed, and the meet has dwindled to a vent for 
industry reps who've already publicized their positions. 
Now watch brute key escrow spread covertly for "public