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Re: GAK Flap Happening at a Good Time--Journalists Read!

On Sat, 2 Dec 1995, Jeff Weinstein wrote:

> Black Unicorn wrote:

> > AT&T seems to have been suitably 'incentivized'
> > The receipt of government funding (in whatever guise) might be just as
> > powerful in this case.
> > 
> > To the outsider, it looks as if Netscape 'owes' the government.
>   We do owe the government.  They have paid us for Servers and Clients
> that support Fortezza.  That is what we owe them.  The money that the
> NSA gave us for Fortezza is not very significant compared to what we
> are getting from commercial sources.

Obviously it was significant enough to take.  It was also a perfect 
opportunity for Netscape to express concerns about the future of the 
technology, which is in netscape's interest.  The astute deal maker would 
be happy to work with the NSA on his own terms.  Instead, it 
would appear that Netscape is working FOR NSA on their terms.

> > > We are actively lobbying in washington to get clarification of the
> > > current regulations so that we can provide the US version via an "export
> > > controlled" FTP or HTTP download.
> > 
> > With which firm?  Or have you made it an in-house effort?
>   We have recently hired a government liason person to manage our policy
> discussions with the government.  He is one of the people that will be
> talking to congressional and white house representatives next week.
> I don't know if we have made use of any outside lobbying firms.

I'd be interested to know what a 'government liason person' is.  It 
sounds to me like an 'in house lobbist.'  There is an old joke in the 
beltway about in house lobbists.

I also would like to know why you are actively lobbying for 
'claification' rather than 'modification' of the current policy.

Netscape seems to be taking the position, "We'd love it if you'd let us 
do X, but we are happy to roll over for whatever."  and  "By the way, 
what is the rule on exporting software again?"

I am impressed that some effort is being made.  I think it in the form of 
'too little, too late.'  But hey, who am I?

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