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Re: "Got a subpoena?"


At 12:09 PM 12/1/95 -0600, Al Thompson wrote:
>At 06:57 PM 11/30/95 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
>>	And at that point, you shut down the remailer and log each and every 
>>	Now, they could get an order forcing you to run a remailer ~ but that 
>>would open up a whole new can of worms i.e. can you be forced, under 
>>court order, to commit a crime?
>That's not how they do it.  They will tell you that unless you cooperate,
>you will
>be charged for the "crime" you have been committing.  Where do you think
>confidential informants come from?  They're just people who have been caught
>or set up by the cops, who are trying to save their own ass.

There are times when all that can be said is Amen!!! Most of these people have
absolutely no clue to the way the government REALLY works! The feds will set
up a "little" fish in order to catch what they consider to be a "big" one.  Ask 
Randy Weaver! They weren't really after him... they were after the Aryan Nations.
They wanted Mr. Weaver to infiltrate for them... So they attempted to encourage
his enthusiasm... How? They set him up on a bogus gun charge... when that 
wasn't successful... They killed his family!

The problem is people still live under the mistaken notion that there are rules!
When the congress and the courts passed laws allowing the confiscation of 
property without due process and further allowed the proceeds from the sell of 
that property to fund the coffers of the agencies that took those properties, they
assured our descent into a totalitarian state. We are like the walking wounded,
soon to be the walking dead. We are dead and don't know it! Unless the tree of
Liberty is watered soon... it seems we are doomed!

        Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
        [email protected]
        (Jian #AJF IRChat)

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