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Re: Why Netscape employees should not leave...

Black Unicorn wrote:
> I just get sick of those who tout themselves as Experts in Software
> Munitions and are in fact are merely in it for the cash.  In it for the
> cash is just fine.  Just don't tell me later you aren't.

  Can't I be a supporter of strong crypto, and also be in it for the money?
Many people here make good money off of crypto related work.  If I'm asked
to implement GAK in a situation where it is not mandated by law, I won't
do it.

> > I read the Jim Clark statement that Jeff forwarded. It seemed noncomittal
> > on the actual issue of whether Netscape will build a U.S.-supported GAK (as
> > opposed to offering GAK for the Iraqis or French). I await with interest
> > the clarification of the anti-GAK stance that Jeff alluded to.
> I believe you got it with:
> "If the law requires GAK, then I believe that we will implement it rather
> than just disable encryption."

  Tim was referring to the position statement against GAK that we will be
releasing before the NIST meeting next week.

> Note that the phrase is entirely ambigious on whether this refers to the
> law requiring GAK for export, or export AND domestic sales.  Netscape
> will install GAK into whatever will increase its sales.  I understand
> and respect this position in the context of a company which needs
> badly to start raking in some profits.

  What I meant, and have said in other places, is that if it is legal to
ship a product without GAK for use inside the US, or anywhere else,
I believe we will do it, because that is what our customers want.

> The title "Software Munitions Expert" or similar such should probably be
> changed to "GAK marketing expert" however.

  I'm sorry my dig at the ITAR does not ammuse you.  Your suggested
replacement would not be appropriate since I don't support GAK (I believe
that it is one of the most evil things any government could do to its
citizens), and I'm not in marketing.


Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist
Netscape Communication Corporation
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Any opinions expressed above are mine.